Liquid Solution for Poly Natural Gel Nails 120mL / 4 oz

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The Liquid Solution is designed to be used with Poly Natural Gel Nails.

It allows you to easily spread and mold the thick gel.

SaxVon's Liquid Solution comes in a large 4 oz bottle, so it will last you a long time! 

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  • 5
    Customer for Life!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Hong-Sue on Dec 19th 2018

    Absolutely LOVE This PRODUCT !!!!! made it so easy to do my nails

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    Luv the Liquid Solution

    Posted by Holly on Dec 19th 2018

     I loved how quick and easy it was too do my nails with this kit. The gel was super smooth and better than a lot of the other products out there. So happy it came with te liquid solution. Without the liquid solution I would not be able to apply the gel.

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    Really Great Product

    Posted by Olivia G on Dec 18th 2018

    Love the formula of this polygel. So easy to use and my nails look great!

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    Saves so much money

    Posted by Anna S on Dec 17th 2018

    If you havent tried this yet then dnt hesistate lie I did. I browsed for weeks but wouldn’t plunge. Im so happy i went with this kit Ill save so much $$ on my nails. Now especially during the holiday season. This was my first time using the gel and following the instructions they came out great. Im sure as i do it more ill get better. Thank you.

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    Lasts a long time

    Posted by Andrea on Dec 15th 2018

    I really like this product. I've used others before and had problems with the longevity. This product, however is pretty amazing and its help up over 2 weeks now. I get compliments on my nails often. I'll definitely be purchasing again.

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    One of the better quality polygels

    Posted by Susan on Dec 14th 2018

    Ive tried polygels before and I was not a fan. The last one I tried no matter how long I cured them under a lamp the nails were still sticky. I like these Saxvon polygels. They gel is VERY thick when you first squeez it out but once it comes in contact with the liquid solution it becomes more pliable and you can brush it on easily. After curing under the lamp there was no residue at all. This was my biggest fera and so far they have stood up to th test. ts a good product

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    Love it and worth the money

    Posted by Melanie on Dec 12th 2018

    This size tube should give at least 15 full sets because a little product goes a long way. The liquid solution works great and you need it to spread the gel. The kit comes with a spatula brush which is good because you will need the blade end of the brush to slice the thick polygel. Ive only had mine on for 4 days now but its holding up well and looks good. I did my nails in less than an hr and I used an electric filer to smooth them. This price is CHEAP in comparison to other brands that want to charge you $20 just for the tube of polygel and nothing else.

  • 2
    Loved it until Nails fell off after 4 days

    Posted by Catherine M on Dec 11th 2018

    I fell in love with this product and actually had fun doing it. I told everyne about it and posted picture of my nails. Well I regret my early enthusiasm because the nails fell off within 5 dyas. At first I thought it was only 1 nail and I fixed it but as the days went on the other nails said adios! Very disappointed

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    I will be ordering again

    Posted by Phionne on Dec 10th 2018

    if you have NEVER done false nails before, this set will truly help you to become a pro. I’m not a professional but for a beginner my nails turned out GREAT! I will be ordering more for the holidays. I HIGHLY recommend it.