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New design as of Feb 2021....The new design now comes with an adjustable speed button. Simply turn the button to select any speed you want!

Our SaxVon electric foot callus machine looks like a mini blow dryer, but it's the most powerful foot callus machine to smooth calluses, corns and rough feet.

While other foot callus machines carry just 3 watts of power, Saxvon’s machine is expertly engineered to provide up to 65 watts of power!

This machine is ideal for salons, spas and at-home use.

Designed with an adjustable speed button that you can turn to select any speed from very low, medium or high.

No batteries, charging or assembly needed. Just plug it in and start using!

The box includes 12 attachments for mild or coarse exfoliation.

Now it takes only a few seconds to get soft, smooth, beautiful feet with SaxVon!


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  • 5
    Feels like I borrowed someone else's foot

    Posted by Georgette P on Dec 14th 2018

    This machine gave me exactly what it said it would- smooth, soft feet! I had tough, dry, callused feet for well over 20 years. The calluses around the heels and the sides of my feet are thick and prone to cracking in the winter. Sure - pedicures can help, but I am not fond of shelling out lots of money to have a bored, underpaid young woman scrape aggressively at my skin with unhygienic graters. I also don't love having so much skin shaved off that my feet are sore for days afterwards. Make no mistake, the Saxvon foot machine is powerful and must be handled cautiously. It gets hot if you let it idle on one spot too long but it gives the softest feet that feels like you borrowed someone else’s foot!

  • 5
    I can finally do my own feet

    Posted by Carol C on Dec 13th 2018

    My feet needed professional level care. I usually go the nail salon every two weeks for a pedicure and aggressive scraping. I make sure to go as soon as they open, always on a random morning like a Tuesday to make sure its not crowded. I cant stand other customers staring at how much dead skin comes off my feet! This machine said it was powerful and that’s what I needed for my severely rough feet. Just one single use of this machine and I was a believer! The smoothness of my soles is just unbelievable. There is no way anyone can say this machine does not work!

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    I don’t trust it

    Posted by Joy T on Dec 13th 2018

    This machine is like a blow dryer and it is too powrful!! This will cause injury and can snag your carpet if ypu drop it while its still on. I'll stick to the soak off foot gels

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    Most Valuable Purchase Ive Made in a Long time!

    Posted by Samantha on Dec 11th 2018

    I live in the desert. I hate what the heat and constantly wearing flip flops does to my heels. I have tried everything to stop the deep cracks that would often lead to bleeding; nothing worked. I got pedicures every 4 weeks; nothing. I exfoliated and moisturized every night, but there was so much skin, I couldn't make a dent (literally). I was getting really frustrated. I considered buying the expensive Clarisonic foot exfoliator, but everything I read about the product told me it was too weak to treat what I was dealing with. I turned to this Saxvon foot machine and the calluses and roughness was gone immediately! My heels have never looked better. My feet look like I just got a pedicure, EVERY DAY! There are some things you need to know before you use this: It is super powerful. It could probably sand wood, if you turned it up high enough. Leave it on the lowest setting and use the mild sanding disc. Wet your feet before you use this. If you apply it to dry skin, you could burn yourself. After you get used to it, you can use it on dry skin, but I still like to soak my feet first so the dead skin is nice and supple. If you can, use this outside. The machine blasts off a ton of dead skin, but it leaves a fine dust all over everything in the process. Be extra careful around toes and between the toes. Do not be adventurous the first time you use it; stick to your heels until you get used to it. Enjoy! You will be so happy you bought this. It is worth every penny!

  • 5
    Powerful and Effective for bad feet

    Posted by Sylvie H on Dec 9th 2018

    I am so very happy with the results of this machine! Now I use this before going to the nail salon because I used to feel embarrassed to let the other customers see them laboring on my rough feet. Besides its cheaper to get only a polish job on my toes and not have them soak and scrub my feet. The technicians at the salon do not do nearly half the job that the Saxvon foot callus remover does. Worth every penny but use common sense because its very powerful but very effective.

  • 5
    Overall very happy

    Posted by Rosette K on Dec 8th 2018

    I bought this because no magical foot scrub and/or pumice stone could smooth my feet. I live in a dry cold climate and consequently my feet get very lizard-ish. This is basically a sander for your foot. You have to tap on one area then move it to the next area. Do not concentrate on a specific spot for too long or your foot will get quite hot from the friction. Overall, I'm very happy - I used to snag pantyhose on my rough feet and/or just generally feel unsexy and this took care of that issue. I'm very pleased!

  • 5
    Grateful to have found this machine

    Posted by Rachel B on Dec 8th 2018

    Tried many things before, but nothing as great as this item. My feet calluses have been very bad for as long as I can remember. This worked awesome. Very powerful, easy to use. Had on the lowest setting only. Took my calluses totally away in one treatment. Now I only need to moisturize. It's been a couple of weeks now and dryness only remains but no deep cracks, hardness, broken skin, or pain. I'm not embarrassed to show my feet and wear my sandals or go barefoot.

  • 5
    This machine transformed my ugly feet

    Posted by Annette P on Dec 3rd 2018

    I just wish I could give this Saxvon foot machine a million stars!!! I accepted my fate that I had terrible, horrible, crusty feet that must be kept from sight. I wouldn’t think of going to a salon for a pedicure because I did not want to be the butt of the jokes when those Asian ladies start talking in their language. Anyone would be disgusted to touch my feet. This tool has changed my life! I used the yellow coarse disk because I know my foot condition needed the toughest option. I literally sanded off years of buildup and embarrassment! My feet are smooth! Let me repeat that, I now have very smooth feet that I can happily rub my hands over and smile!!! Just wished I had this machine 20 years ago. I can’t recommend it enough!!!!!!

  • 5
    Sturdy, Well made amachine

    Posted by Maddie G on Dec 2nd 2018

    This tool is well made. Very sturdy and expertly designed unlike the pieces of garbage I’ve bought in the past. It’s a high powered electric sander for the feet so it will remove every bit of callus. It smoothed my leathery hooves to the point where they now look like human feet worthy to be shown in public :)