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New design as of Feb 2021....The new design now comes with an adjustable speed button. Simply turn the button to select any speed you want!

Our SaxVon electric foot callus machine looks like a mini blow dryer, but it's the most powerful foot callus machine to smooth calluses, corns and rough feet.

While other foot callus machines carry just 3 watts of power, Saxvon’s machine is expertly engineered to provide up to 65 watts of power!

This machine is ideal for salons, spas and at-home use.

Designed with an adjustable speed button that you can turn to select any speed from very low, medium or high.

No batteries, charging or assembly needed. Just plug it in and start using!

The box includes 12 attachments for mild or coarse exfoliation.

Now it takes only a few seconds to get soft, smooth, beautiful feet with SaxVon!


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  • 5
    VERY SMOOTH feet is what it delivers

    Posted by Alex R on Jan 4th 2019

    I love it! This is best machine for bad callus. It made my feet so smooth there was not one tough spot left on my soles or heels. Just need to do it carefully and gently tap each spot. Don’t press down too hard. This little machine delivers VERY SMOOTH feet!

  • 5
    Removes every bit of callus!

    Posted by Stacy P on Dec 29th 2018

    Growing up I always had soft feet but by the time I got to my thirties my soles got rough and I had to start getting pedicures at least once every other month. Fast forward to my forties I had to get pedicures every 2 weeks because my soles just got thick, callused and rough. I do not have diabetes so I guess its just genetic or bad luck. I’ve bought pumice stones, ped eggs and all sorts of gadgets to exfoliate my rough soles. None of them did a thorough job like this little machine. This Saxvon pedicure machine is better than going to the salon! It has serious power and zaps away any roughness with ease. In less than 5 minutes it makes my soles smoother than I have ever had them - even as a teen. I cannot say how much I am happy about this purchase!

  • 5
    Oh my this is good!

    Posted by Amelia D on Dec 28th 2018

    Only thing that has worked on these heels. I live in Florida and wearing sandals is a must but I its emabarrasing to walk around in flip flops exposing ugly, dry heels. This little machine WORKS! I didn’t experience any burns because I made sure not to leave it too long on the same spot. Youre not going to get smoother feet than what this machine delivers. I promise you, not even at the nail salon can they get your feet this smooth!

  • 5
    Professional Quality Machine that Cannot Disappoint

    Posted by Francine H on Dec 22nd 2018

    I have terrible feet with cracks and calluses. Ive tried the manual graters, pumice stones, foot gels, foot creams, battery operated machines and low power electric machines. They were all garbage compared to this machine. This is professional grade guys! It is not a joke. Its VERY powerful so use a light touch. I highly recommend this over any flimsy, cheap battery devices. Don't waste your money on something else that won't work or that is dangerous (razor callus shaver should be outlawed!). This is a professional-grade product so it is strong!! The box comes with 12 sanding discs for coarse and mild. The discs lasts a long time so you dont have worry about reordering for well over a year. I cannot say how much I am happy with this machine. Thank you Saxvon!

  • 5
    So Good it will Remove the Footprints from Your Feet!!!

    Posted by Omara G on Dec 21st 2018

    There is no over-hype with this foot callus machine! Believe me it works!! Its like a mini blow dryer with sanding discs but let me tell you: it smooths so well it will remove the footprints from your feet! No joke! Lol. After using this I could NOT stop rubbing my feet because I have never felt feet so smooth! It smooths to the point where you cant feel the ridges that makes up human foot prints! Lol. I am not exaggerating when I say I have never gotten such soft feet at a salon! This was a good purchase and for the price, oh my. I would’ve happily paid more for the results I got!

  • 5
    Good Investment

    Posted by Janice C on Dec 20th 2018

    This purchase was intended to save me time and money. I was very impressed with the overall quality of this foot callus machine. The incredible speed made it quick and easy to remove hard dry callus. Now I can skip a month at the pedicure salon and save $40.00 I really like that. I would definitely recommend Saxvon foot callus machine to anyone. This was a good investment.

  • 5
    So smooth I'm sliding everywhere I walk

    Posted by Nancy R on Dec 17th 2018

    Goodness! This machine made my feet so smooth that now I have to be careful when I walk because I sliding off my hardwood floor and tiles!

  • 5
    Designed for the ugly feet club

    Posted by Ellie G on Dec 15th 2018

    No worries for lack of power on this thing. If you are looking for a gentle buffer this isn't it. If your feet are soft and in decent shape -- look for something a little less aggressive. If your feet look like they walk over hot coals from time to time, this baby will take care of that in one quick session. My feet are super smooth and look like brand new, albeit a little sore from the deep sanding I did.

  • 1
    Too Powerful. Can Burn!

    Posted by Natalie, F on Dec 15th 2018

    Don’t think of using this for too long. It will burn your feet if you try to work it on one area for more than a second. Products for women don’t need to be so strong!